Native advertising, what news will you present in 2021?

Native advertising is already the queen of online marketing, and in 2021 will continue to grow. The truth is that it has managed to reach the top on its own merits and integrates multiple novelties concerning traditional advertising. But we haven’t seen it all yet: some surprises are coming! With the widespread rejection of intrusive advertising and ad blockers’ rise, native advertising will be inescapable for businesses that don’t want to disappear.

What is native advertising?

It is the one that is part of the environment that produces it. It is integrated, it is not a promotional addition, and it allows adding value and positioning the communicator as a reference. For example, a video about Madrid was created by a travel agency. After giving you useful tips for exploring the city, they provide you with a link to their YouTube channel or blog.

You grow your brand, improve your reputation and increase engagement with the public. It is a way of interacting in which the purchase is not requested directly, but it does escalate the relationship: give the email, follow in networks, contact for advice.

What kind of native advertising will we see in 2021

The beginning of native advertising has been closely linked to text with specialized articles. Later formats of the same in audio and video have arisen, which require better connections. And, in 2021, video is expected to be the hegemonic medium. So we will see how the classic separation, which many television shows still have, between content and advertising, continues to fade. Also, content creators will continue to multiply and fill new niches. Every time we spend more time watching and listening to independent communicators who, thanks to media such as YouTube, Spotify or iVoox, manage to capture our attention for hours and hours. This is expected to continue, and increasingly.

One of the novelties for 2021 is that this advertising type also takes over space in traditional media. Back in them, the separation of advertising and entertainment content will take a back seat. No one can resist using these profitable techniques! Thus, it will be even more difficult to distinguish the advertising content.

The filmmakers will continue to proliferate and making cost reduction over traditional film production democratize the sector: anyone can have their blog and video channel in your favourite social network with professional quality. That way, the offer will be richer Than ever, with advertising content from small niches that had no place in the traditional model. Only large groups with purchasing power were attractive to advertisers.

This is a new era of communication in which the rules have changed. There is no longer a line that separates the real content from the advertising, but everything is integrated. In 2021 we will see how this trend is strengthened until it reaches all media. Don’t get left behind and start creating your own native advertising.