How to Travel in South America after COVID-19?

If you are one of those who wonder how to travel through South America after the Health contingency for COVID-19, do not stop reading this note. We show you unconventional trips that you will surely want to visit after this time at home

South America is a continent that is not yet so crowded and that has treasures to discover, such as its natural and cultural wealth, the climatic variety and the number of different plans that it allows. 

From the lesser-known of its wild and unspoiled territories to its tourist attractions and world heritage sites, they can all be experienced less conventionally. Do you dare?

In the following video, you can see a tour of three South American countries:

South America, the Paradise of the World West

Why paradise? The best way to discover it is by living it! However, in Serena Blues, we can give you the testimony of this:

  • Beaches of golden and white sand, bathed by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. 
  • Whale watching in the Pacific Ocean The favourite place for the birth of your young!
  • Seas are rich in aquatic fauna and warm waters for diving. 
  • The largest salt flat in the world, with the immensity of its white soil and a green lagoon considered one of the most beautiful in the world. 
  • Fertile lands give the best coffee globally, tropical fruits, grapes for the best wines, cocoa for chocolates, and dishes that bring together European traditions and influences since colonial times.
  • Wild and rough scenarios to test the riskiest. 
  • Spaces for relaxation in natural hot springs with healing powers due to the spring water and its mineral wealth.   
  • The most beautiful contrasts: urban life with the wildest of its jungles, climates of eternal springs and perpetual snows, and the peace of its deserts, ideal for gazing at the stars and the cosmopolitan rhythm of its cities. 
  • The best representatives of flora with the widest variety of orchids and palm trees over 50 meters high. 
  • The most exotic species, such as the smallest hummingbird in the world, the pink freshwater dolphin in the Amazon, and the Condor, considered the largest bird in the world. 
  • Natural reserves of the largest extensions where the best of the fauna and flora of the continent and the world are enclosed. 
  • Millennial architectural treasures such as Machu Picchu, Cusco, and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, near Tayrona. 
  • You come across “The End of the World” several times. One located on the Ecuador line and seen from the swing at 2,600 meters high. Another, in Ushuaia, a city located in Argentina, specifically in the southern tip of South America, which is one of the closest land points to Antarctica. 

How to Travel in South America with Friends?

Travelling through South America with friends is an adventure full of experiences.

Thanks to the variety of climates, activities, nightlife, festive atmosphere, and various plans for all tastes and hours of the day, it becomes a continent ready for the enjoyment of all equally! From the riskiest to the least daring! Will have how to have fun!

Now you will wonder how to travel with friends? Here we leave you the best recommendations: 

  • Check the time they have to put together the itinerary. 
  • Talk about the budget. 
  • Establish rules of coexistence. 
  • Plan the tours. 
  • Stay in a group to avoid setbacks or losses. 
  • Find out about the destination well, read recommendations, and pay local news attention to be more prepared.
  • Keep in mind that the larger the group, the more complex planning and logistics can be. 
  • If it is the first time in the destination, you surely want to live it to the fullest and unconventional way the experience without sacrificing safety, so it is better to have an expert.  

How to Travel in South America on a Group Tour?

Whether you are travelling with friends or alone, it will always be a good idea to travel on a group tour due to the comforts and safety conditions that this represents.

With our agency Serena Blues, you find a way to plan the entire tour to experience South America unusually, thanks to the experience we have as hosts, the contacts we have achieved through years of living, the passion for travelling, and the signature routes that we design.

Enjoy South America to the fullest.

The positive emotions that this magical destination awakens are experienced to the extreme in our own way. We go from the places that are a common tourist attraction to the experiences that only those of us who come into contact with the bowels of South America can accompany you to live:


  • chilli

In our group trip through the best of South America and less conventional, we started with Chile. In this country we can experience something out of the ordinary: 

  • The colour of Valparaíso and its streets in a Street Art walk
  • Boat trip around the Bay. 
  • Relaxation in the Puritama hot springs. 
  • Tour through the Valley of the Moon, where we enter the Atacama Desert, a magical place of infinite reddish dunes. 
  • Bolivia

One of the smallest countries and at the same time rich in treasures to discover. If you are looking to travel through South America unconventionally, it can be like this: 

    • 4 × 4 trips through the Salar de Uyuni.
    • Trekking through the “Eduardo Avaroa” Andean fauna nature reserve where you can contemplate the green lagoon and enjoy the chain of volcanoes that surround it. 
    • The adventure continues on wheels with the 4 × 4 tour through the Siloli desert, one of the world’s driest places, where you can see monumental monoliths and have fun taking unprecedented photos. 


  • Ecuador

The place where “The End of the World” is located. Here you can test your nerves and at the same time disconnect from everything with our routes through Ecuador : 

    • Meeting Welcome and canelazo in Quito. 
    • Tours of markets, squares and the most interesting places in the company of localhost.
    • Panoramic view of the city and volcanoes from the cable car at the “El Panecillo” viewpoint. (from the viewpoint of “El Panecillo.”
    • Transfer to the Cotopaxi National Park by private vehicle and trekking through the slopes of the Cotopaxi volcano. 
    • Trekking in the Quilotoa lagoon, another of the most beautiful in the world. 
    • Hot springs and extreme sports in Baños de Agua Santa. 
    • Bike tours and walks through the warm town of Baños. 
    • A little flight on the End of the World Swing, in the Pailón del Diablo, where you can feel the power of water in the most impressive waterfalls in Ecuador. 
    • Canoe ride through the Amazon. 


  • Colombia

How to travel through South America to another level is possible with our group trip through Colombia, which includes: 

    • Trekking through the Cocora Valley, the place with palm trees over 50 meters high. 
    • Swim in the fluorescent waters of Barú, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Colombian Caribbean and less crowded compared to those of Cartagena. 
    • Ascent to the Piedra del Peñol in Guatapé, one of the largest in the region. 
    • Arrival at Tayrona Park in Santa Marta, a place of beaches bathed by the Caribbean Sea and the Lost City. 
    • Rafting and crossing a cavern in Río Claro. 


  • Brazil

In the land of Caipirinha, samba and the exotic come into play, and this is how we like it: 

  • Beach day in Florianopolis. 
  • Walkthrough the Sao Joaquim National Park, a refreshing tour of the Río Cachimbo waterfall, and talk with tasting organic food. 
  • Visit the energy point of Urubici, where you can recharge and feel the force of nature. 
  • Zipline 100 meters high in the Cascada Do Avenal. 
  • Sunset and natural spectacle at the viewpoint of the Canoas River Valley. 
  • Adventure in 4 × 4 through the Canion do Espraiado. 
  • Travel through Serra do Rio do Rastro, one of the 10 most beautiful roads on the planet. 
  • Fiesta for Floripa to the sound of samba and the most enthusiastic rhythms of South America. 

Benefits of Visiting Low Commercial / Tourist Sites

Visiting the less famous sites of each destination in South America teaches you different and more real perspectives of each place hidden there. Likewise, other benefits add value to the travelling experience: 


  • It is more relaxed


Walking between crowded spaces becomes tedious and somewhat stressful, so travelling through the less popular ones will give you that comfort of exclusivity. 


  • A Deeper View


Travelling on different paths will make you know each destination differently, in a more intimate way. 


  • New histories


This will give a lot to tell on your return. Everyone is sure to love hearing about off the beaten path places and activities. 


  • Less contamination 


The auditory and visual pollution and the stress that can fell in the great tourist attractions is something that you can avoid with alternative and less conventional routes. 


  • More economical


Generally, sites that are tourist attractions have a higher price scale than less crowded ones. 


  • Aid to the Local Economy 


By visiting unconventional places, it will be possible that the money that is invested in the destination will go largely to the economy of the locals since there are no large hotel or tourist chains that centralize the income for this activity. 


Unconventionally travelling through South America is a way to discover the treasures that this continent has, going beyond the places and attractions “Cliché”. 

This experience can be lived on a trip alone or with friends, through alternative travel agencies that accompany you to travel new routes safely, to obtain the benefits of a more enriching, innovative and friendly experience with the local economy, but, above all, authentic.