Google Shoploop to buy online

Surely more than once you have found yourself in a situation similar to this: you find a product on the Internet, you go on to investigate more about its functions and the opinions of other customers and finally if it convinces you, you go on to buy it. A common and not too complicated task, but one that involves the investment of some time in acquiring knowledge, seeking opinions, comparing prices and, finally, buying the product. Therefore, to optimize this process, Shoploop, from Google, was born.

What is Shoploop?

Shoploop is a social network, a kind of application for your mobile that allows you to discover new products, see if they are useful to those who buy them and what opinions they have of them. And, if you decide, buy them. Before Shoploop, the most normal thing was to find the most interesting models in stores and advertisements on the net, sift them by user opinions on specialized pages, access YouTube tutorials to know how to use them and what results in they gave and, finally, weigh the prices of different businesses before buying online the most interesting. Well, with this app, Google wants you to have everything in one place.

Online shopping continues to grow by leaps and bounds, and with current recommendations to restrict mobility. That’s why  Shoploop couldn’t come to market at a more successful time. The app was born very focused on beauty products, of which it is necessary to see demonstrations and tutorials for their application. The possibility of watching videos of different people with varied skin tones and skin characteristics to know how that specific cosmetic would look on you saves many doubts. It allows you to buy with more guarantees.

What is the news that Shoploop offers to buy online?

We have already told you that the key to Shoploop is that it offers the discovery of new products, research on them and the possibility of purchase, all in the same place. However, there is much more to be said about this app. On the one hand, your videos have a maximum length of 90 seconds, without long introductions or filler information: they are to the point, which will prevent you from wasting your time. In them, different influencers try makeup and creams so you can see how the product feels.

Now, who makes the videos? The people in charge of making them can be from simple customers to store owners or brands who want to be known. They only have to request the app become content creators, then start uploading videos.

The application allows you to save the different products you like in folders to buy them later. This allows you to maintain order concerning what you have seen and what has caught your attention, ordering the products according to their category, so you can save as many as you want without making finding them again on your lists an impossible mission. Do you want to save, reread its characteristics more calmly, three makeup bases, two blushes and four lipsticks? Then you can locate them without problems, almost immediately.

Finally, we do not want to forget to tell you that this app also has its social character. If you like how some content creators work, you can follow them to be aware of the news they upload to the network. Likewise, you may share their videos with whoever you want. You will not be the creator, as in other networks, but you can use Shoploop as a social network for some issues.

Buy online at Shoploop step by step.

First of all, you have to search for the product you want. If you already know it, indicate its name directly, and if you are looking for new products, indicate the general characteristics; for example, “face illuminator.” At that moment, several videos with different influencers will appear on your screen, and you will choose the ones that interest you the most. We recommend that you choose people who are most similar to you so that the experience of buying and using the product is closer to your case.

Then you can click directly on the purchase website of that product, and you will be redirected directly to the seller’s page. If it is not good for you to make the transaction, you can save the product and buy it later.

In short, Shoploop is an app that is growing and has just been born, but whose future looks very promising. Get a real online shopping experience, and it wouldn’t be surprising if it sets a serious precedent for online shopping shortly, and, of course, far beyond the world of cosmetics and beauty.