Carousel ads on Twitter

Are you looking for new advertising options on social networks for your business? Discover the carousel ads on Twitter, the latest in social media, to reach as many potential customers as possible. We explain what they consist of.

What are the carousel ads?

Twitter is a constantly evolving network that wants to meet the needs of all its users. Its latest launch is carousel ads, a new function designed to improve your business campaigns’ performance. One of their keys is to generate a more immersive experience for consumers, even enabling actions on mobile devices. Its capacity for interaction goes one step further to ensure that future users are attracted to the brand.

The new advertising format allows you to include between 2 and 6 images or videos. These will be used to attract the public and direct traffic to where it is considered most necessary for the business, be it the web or a mobile application.

How are Twitter carousel ads created?

These ads can create in the Tweet Creator, the Ads Manager, and even though the social media API for ads. Once the process is complete, you have the option to use them for both organic and promoted search.

Also, keep in mind that these ads include various options, such as third-party measurement reports or accessibility support. You can also know the number of times each image has been viewed and its individual performance. In this way, you can take advantage of the data generated in the tests.

What results are they getting?

If we pay attention to the tests carried out by Twitter itself, the carousels on websites show a 15% increase in CTR about traditional advertising formats. In the case of applications, this figure is even higher, reaching 24%.

Of course, this data depends a lot on the creatives and campaigns carried out in each promotion.

The advantages of carousels

If you invest in a Twitter carousel ad campaign, surely knowing the main benefits of this format will convince you to try this innovation in person.

The first point favouring these ads is their ability to interact with the audience, enhanced by their borderless design, which offers a clear, fast and automatic viewing. Likewise, it must taken into account that this system generates the correct actions for the objectives sought in the campaign. They are also a good choice for recognition campaigns, which many brands set when it comes to reaching out to their customers.

More reasons to opt for these ads from Twitter? Without a doubt, one of those that is worth highlighting is the ease of use. Creating ads in this system will be much easier than it may seem a priori. You will only have to follow a few basic steps and apply the specifications relative to each upload, both for videos and photos.

Finally, it is worth noting that this social network advertising application offers a large amount of information. Its numerous metrics will be of great help to you when it comes to knowing how your creatives work at all application levels, including the pass card.

Tips for creatives

When creating a carousel ad campaign on this social network, you must pay attention to the creativities that you must carry out:

• To begin with, it is recommended that you choose to apply all the components at your fingertips since in this way you will be able to attract the attention of more possible users. Offering them the right context will make it much easier for you to set them up for the next step. That is, to end up making the conversion that you have as your objective.

• Likewise, you cannot forget the elaboration of a visual narrative designed to tell a story. If it is well structured, it will be much easier to keep the interest of the viewers.

• Finally, always keep in mind the need to prioritize your audience in whatever action you take. For this, you can use product images, always taking into account their situation in the conversion funnel. Keeping the product clearly visible is the first step towards clear and effective communication with the future buyer.

Ultimately,  Twitter carousel ads are a new and effective resource for explaining the benefits and advantages of your products to a potential audience.