7 Reasons to visit Tayrona Park in Colombia

Tayrona Park is, in short, an earthly paradise hidden between the most exotic of the Caribbean jungle and the beaches of Santa Marta. Please get to know the lost city and its civilization submerged in the bowels of its beaches, crystalline lagoons between palm trees, mystical cultures, the cosy climate of the tropics and many adventures to live and tell.

In the following video, you can see a small compilation made by us about the different destinations that you will visit in Colombia:

In Serena Blues, we will tell you some of the reasons why this is the destination to which we dedicate two days and one night of our group trip to Colombia:

Where is the Tayrona Park?

Tayrona Park has  ​​approximately 15 thousand hectares and is located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the highest coastal mountain in the world.

Its location is just over 30 km. from the city of Santa Marta, one of the most attractive on the Colombian coast. It should note that the park is bathed by waters of the Caribbean Sea and surrounded by the golden sand beaches of this region.

This natural park and haven of peace correspond to one of Colombia’s most important natural reserves, being recognized as a natural sanctuary for its richness in flora and fauna.

Tayrona Park is a place of virgin beaches that combines the best of the beaches of the Caribbean Sea with the richness and exoticism of the jungles of tropical humid forests.

Why Travel on a Tour to this Incredible Place?

To enter Tayrona Park, there are special conditions with which sustainable tourism is sought, allowing maximum care, respect and preservation of this natural area. 

In fact, some areas are sacred to the indigenous peoples who live there and are restricted, which explains why it is better to travel on tour with people who know the place very well and have that experience that allows them to preserve, respect and follow the rules that exist there.

Also, travelling on tour will allow you to be with people who desire to experience this destination to the fullest, with the peace of mind of having guides and experts who will take you to the best places and activities. In fact, you can’t always enter the park. However, it has been changing over time. Today there are three closings during the year, the periods ” Kugkui shikasa”, “Saka just”, and “Nabbatashi”. This is done to carry out an energy cleaning and environmental and spiritual protection of the park, as established by the indigenous communities that administer it and the government.

Tayrona is the natural park where the lost city lies; in it an interesting story is preserved about a civilization that today is preserved, venerating and guarding mother earth.

Everything planned and under control and what is left over are reasons to experience everything that Tayrona has in store for you. Here we name some of them:

1. To Know a New Country

Crossing borders is the step you have to take to “Get out of the Fishbowl” and open your gaze beyond what you already know. That new world full of surprises can be in all its splendour in Tayrona Park!

2. To Experience Travel with People from a Traveling Group like you

You have probably already realized how difficult it is to find someone to coincide with your desire to travel and see the world.

Sometimes, due to lack of time or affinity in tastes with your loved ones or relatives, it isn’t easy to live new travelling adventures, so the best option could be to travel on a group tour.

At Serena Blues, we take care of putting together small groups with people who share similar affinities and tastes who can become best friends (or maybe something else ) after so many quality experiences that we end up sharing at the end of each tour

3. To Get Out of the Routine and Disconnect from the World in the Middle of Nature 

The Tayrona energy in particular, so much so that there is no need for electric light to enjoy the night; only the light of the moon, the sound of the sea and the swinging of the hammock are enough to daydream and have the most restful dreams, away from the hectic world of daily routine.

This energy that emanates from the sacred land of Tayrona is considered one of the most special energy fields on earth, being one of the reasons why its vegetation is so imposing, its beaches and ecosystems so naturally rich, and why people who pass by leave so renewed and full of well-being.

4. To Swim and Snorkel with People of Various Nationalities

In this part, the Caribbean Sea waters are crystal clear and coloured turquoise blue, the perfect combination for snorkelling.

Also, the marine life and the different kinds of coral more than justify taking your camera and immortalizing these aquatic scenarios, which you will not finish thanking “mother earth”.

The atmosphere is so warm and pleasant inside the sea that shyness is lost, and it is easy to end up crossing swords with people from the group or from other social circles who coincide in the same adventure.

5. To Discover Ecological Trails and Go Hiking

Right at the entrance of Tayrona, the exploration of the main treasures it hides begins. Its beautiful beaches, jungle with huge palm trees, exotic fauna, and calm lead to a spiritual level that is impossible to miss.

It is a little over 2 hours of hiking to get from the entrance to Cabo San Juan del Guía, where the most beautiful beaches and a restaurant are located. During the walk, the senses will be alert to all the natural wonders experienced in each step. You feel how each effort has an invaluable and better reward than the previous one, until at the end of the tour, where the most beautiful beaches await us!


6. To Be in Contact with Wild Fauna and Flora


Dozens count the species of flora and fauna in Tayrona Park since it is home to mammals such as the red deer, the sloth bear and 5 species of marine mammals; We also find birds such as the tick hawk, reptiles such as sea turtles, and a great variety of marine species of corals and algae.

The characteristic dry and humid tropical forests prevail within the flora, with species such as the Ceiba, the wine palm, and flowers such as orchids.

7. To Interact with Indigenous Communities

In the Tayrona, indigenous populations coexist who keep immense wisdom, which is perceptible from afar.

Although they are suspicious, you could have the privilege of seeing them or even accompanying them in their tasks and trades if they allow you.

One of the experiences that you can only live in Tayrona is to spend the afternoon in a raised hut on the beach, on a hammock and with the lull of the sound of the Caribbean Sea.

Join a Travel Group and Experience an Alternative Adventure Full of Excitement

Travelling to Tayrona is an alternative trip and out of the ordinary.

Living it as you need to is easier when you have an agency that puts together a travelling group and an itinerary that allows you to coincide with the most special places, people and activities to do in this “restorative” destination. After this, nothing will be the same! Do you dare to find out?


Knowing the Tayrona Park is one of the varied experiences that we live on our trip through Colombia with Serena Blues.

Venturing to visit this destination in the Colombian Caribbean has plenty of reasons. When you know its privileged location and the cultural, architectural and natural treasures that lie there, you will never want to leave.

The waters with corals and colourful marine life, the beaches where the entrance to the park is located, and its entrails deep in the jungle of dry and humid tropical forests give you plenty of reasons to want to go.

And if to all this we add the experience of knowing a little more about the hidden civilization of the Koguis and the indigenous communities that are preserved and that have so much to teach us, it becomes a unique destination that has much to offer tourists and adventurers.

With us, we can assure you a unique trip in which you will know new cultures, you will make friends that could be lifelong, and you will experience sensations that you will not live anywhere else.