7 benefits of traveling to Colombia

Choosing a destination to travel to is not always easy. However, some places are too charming as they have many positive characteristics within the same country. Colombia is one of them!

There are plenty of reasons to visit it, as we said in “7 reasons to travel to Colombia.”

This time we tell you 7 advantages of travelling through Colombia that will make a difference for you to take the first step towards the country of coffee and rumba. Here we go!

1) You will be able to know a great variety of landscapes

The coffee-growing country has a privileged location and an extension that covers several regions with very varied geography. It is the only country in South America with coasts to both the Atlantic and Pacific seas. It also has the Amazon rainforest and a large part of the Andes mountain range.

The low-cost airline Viva Colombia takes you 40 minutes from the coffee region to the Caribbean coast. And also travelling by land, in a few hours the climates, the accents, the foods, the skin colours change.

It is also a country where you can experience practically all the world’s landscapes within its national territory: Mountains, waterfalls, nature reserves, lakes, rivers, Andean peaks, deserts, and more.

2) Traveling to Colombia is cheap

If Colombia has a great advantage, it is one of the cheapest countries in Latin America.

This will be a valuable detail for those travellers who like to explore in “diesel” mode.

Anywhere you can find the famous “lunch” or “Corrientes” (as the Colombians call it) where an abundant menu is served with:

  • “Sopita” (Colombians love to have soup at all times) would be the entrance.
  • “Dry” (the main dish with protein)
  • “Su aguitapanela”, the “agua panela” (a very rich drink made from sugar cane).

You can eat a menu with these with soup, dry and drink for only 3 USD.

Also, public transport is perfect and accessible. In fact, Medellín has one of the most modern integrated transportation systems in South America.

The city has Metro, Tram, and even metrocable to ascend to the hills’ different communes.

And as we said before, Colombian low-cost airlines are many times even cheaper than moving by land.

As if that were not enough, in Colombia, you can also find excellent street food.

They sell fresh fruit smoothies at a very affordable price, fruit salads, vegetables, and other types of food such as arepas or empanadas.

Also, keep in mind that in Colombia, the art of haggling is the order of the day, more than anything on the coast.

3) Its people are very hospitable

For a reason, it is said that Colombia is the second happiest country in the world.

Colombians generally have a positive way of being that is contagious immediately upon arrival. Always well predisposed to assist the traveller in anything they need to make their experience the best.

Also, they love to talk and talk to others proud of the good things in their country.

Colombia lived a very dark time ago with Pablo Escobar’s heyday in drug trafficking, which left him with an image that took a lot of effort and worked to reverse.

Today you can travel around the country in complete safety.

I think it is partly this past that has been lived and has left its marks, which makes Colombians so condescending towards foreigners.

They are all very friendly, kind and completely hospitable. This is what makes one feel so comfortable when visiting the country. Without a doubt, its people are one of the things that most fall in love with Colombia.

4) Variety of beaches and aquatic experiences

If you are one of those who enjoy the water and the beach, you will find paradise in Colombia.

This country has 2,900 km of coastline.

There are experiences for all tastes: warm water beaches in the Caribbean, more virgin and wild beaches such as Tayrona Park, more oceanic beaches such as those of the Pacific, rivers, waterfalls, thermal centres and paradisiacal islands.

In Playa Blanca, Isla Barú, you will find beaches with turquoise waters and white sand, rustic lodgings on the beach itself, and easily accessible coral reefs.

On the other hand, in Tayrona, you will find wilder beaches, with an exuberant jungle behind them and gigantic rocks protruding in the water.

A beautiful and light 3-hour trek is done to get to this paradise where jungle fauna and flora are seen.

In Santa Rosa de Cabal, in the coffee region, you can relax in warm waters that descend from the mountains, surrounded by an incredible natural landscape.

You can bathe in a crystal clear river that passes over a marble canyon. There is also an amazing Marble beach, a wonderful place!

5) It has a privileged climate

Colombia has many places where the climate is stable and pleasant almost all year round.

In Cartagena, the most visited city in the country, the temperature exceeds 30 degrees during the 365 days of the year. As well as Santa Marta, Barranquilla, and the other coastal cities.

Medellín is called “the city of eternal spring” for having the ability to maintain 26 degrees throughout the year.  That is why it is such a pleasant, colourful destination with such friendly citizens. And a place where more and more foreigners settle to live.

Other areas of Colombia vary in temperature depending on their height.

The great advantage over other countries is that you can visit Colombia at any time of the year and you will have many places with an excellent climate.

6) You have many options for outdoor activities

Would you rather go hiking in the mountains or the jungle? Would you like to collect coffee and experience the process of the best coffee in the world? ¿ Down a nature reserve pure adrenaline rafting by the river? And have a beer with local graffiti artists and rappers?

You have all this and much more in Colombia!

If you are one of those who wait for the weekend to go out in search of the sun, nature and outdoor activities in Colombia, you will not be bored for a minute.

7) If you like to dance and “go out on the rumba”, you have found paradise

If you like to dance, go out rumba and meet funny people, I tell you that Colombians have rhythm in their blood.

As we mentioned before about the variety of cultures, there is also a musical variety. In this country, salsa, bachata, cumbia, champeta, vallenato, regetón and even electronic music sound fervently in the nightclubs of Medellín.

Here you really dance, and if you let yourself go, you can have fun with the Colombians.

There are many key points to go out on the rumba. Cartagena is one of them, where the walls of the historic centre rumble with salsa. Or in Medellín, home to the great reggaeton of the world and, therefore, a great place to catch the party.

And why not go home a few steps and new words and with Caribbean skin colour? Do you dare to go to Colombia?

All the travellers I have met in my more than 10 visits to Colombia agree to the same thing: Colombia is magical and produces a spell that always invites you to return. As their slogan says, “the only risk is that you want to stay.”

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