10 Tips for Solo Travelers

Travelling alone is such a great experience that even when you have lovely people to share with, you end up loving the adventure of taking new paths alone. Have you already experimented? Make it safe with these 10 tips for solo travellers!

Solo Travel

The single trend is undoubtedly on the rise and, contrary to what many might think, includes single and partner people.

There are many reasons why solo trips become a trend, either because vacation times do not coincide with those of the couple, the relationship does not share the same traveller tastes, or because there really is no ideal companion.

In any case, whatever the reason you are travelling alone, it must recognize that travelling alone is a great option that we should all consider.

In this video, you can see how travelling alone with a group of strangers can be a great experience: 

Despite the unknowns that can invade us when thinking about a trip alone, there are different benefits for which it is worth leaving fears behind. Some of them are:

  • Know yourself: Traveling alone puts you to the test and confronts you with situations, cultures, languages ​​and challenges that reveal everything inside you.
  • Strengthen self-esteem and confidence: By overcoming the fears and insecurities that arise with the idea of ​​travelling alone, your self-confidence will grow, making you happier.
  • Be free accompanied! The feeling of freedom you experience when travelling alone is unique; Joining a group where people travel alone is incredible. Talking with whoever you please and making new friends is a luxurious experience. Despite travelling with strangers, you will never feel lonely.
  • Be more cultured and interesting: Being alone allows you to meet new people, be interested in the language, the local culture, the routes and its geography; increasing your knowledge, so it will surely leave you new stories and interesting facts to tell.
  • Disconnect: When travelling, you will be so focused on everything new there is to do and learn that you can disconnect more easily from the routine, problems and stress of daily life than a known companion could remind you.

This will allow you to rest your mind and come back refreshed and ready to deal with what you left behind.

  • Get out of your comfort zone! By travelling, you will only grow as a person by knowing, living and facing new experiences. 

Top Tips for Solo Travelers

It is true that when travelling alone, the responsibilities increase. For example, a frequent concern is security.

Women are the ones who could feel most vulnerable on a solo trip; however, in countries like Spain, according to the newspaper El Tiempo, 65% of people who travel alone are women.

The most important thing is to leave your fears behind and plan your trip very well so that everything flows perfectly.

If you still don’t know how to do it, we help you do it with these 10 tips for solo travellers:

  • Choose the Destination

This is the first thing to do. Knowing where you want to go ahead of time will allow you to move forward with your other preparations.

  • The dates!

Check your calendar and mark the dates when you can make the trip according to your vacation dates or the days your work and/or studies allow.

If you have total freedom to choose your travel period, we recommend looking for a travel agency that will guide you about the best dates to travel to a certain place.

Sometimes it is convenient to plan the trip at certain times of the year for weather, prices or holidays.

  • How are you going to get there? 

Once you have the destination, you will recognize the different alternatives to reach it (air, land or water and the available routes).

Remember that you will have more time to look for offers and save some money on purchasing tickets or tickets by choosing your destination in advance.

  • Investigate Your Destiny

One of the main tips for solo travellers that you should follow is, nourish yourself with all the information you can get about the site you want to visit. An excellent source is websites that gather reviews and experiences from expert travellers. Read the most recent comments.

Also, look for information from government pages, embassies, and news to know a little more about their culture and put yourself in context.

If you want to know the destinations in a more personal way, at Serena Blues, we advise you! Talk to expert and passionate travellers who will provide you with all the information to experience your destination uniquely.

  • Accommodation

If what you want is to have fun and not be worrying about the reservation and transportation from the hotel-terminal, hotel-site of interest, the idea is that you leave this point to the experts.

Consult travel agencies that can provide you with a reservation service and arrange your accommodations according to the interest sites.

  • The Cellular Walking!

Did we tell you that travelling alone is good to disconnect? Yes! Perhaps the only reason we recommend connecting with technology is to locate yourself, inform yourself, and report to your acquaintances that you are fine.

You must verify that your cell phone has coverage at the destination, so we recommend checking the bands, technology and roaming service.

You could also consider the option of buying a SIM Card in the destination country. The important thing is that you have the Internet and minutes to communicate locally and internationally.

Eye! If you want to disconnect from the world, we recommend that you only use your cell phone to confirm your well-being, not enter social networks or emails that connect you with your world and normal life.

  • The Papers in Form

The documentation must be in order, including your passport, identity document, vaccination card (depending on the destination) and plane tickets or any means of transport that you will use to reach your destination.

Do not forget to make a copy of all your documents and take them with you on your tours. Keep the originals in a safe or secure place in your accommodation, so you will avoid losing them and the risk of being undocumented outside your country.

  • Budget 

Remember that you only have your money when travelling, so it is advisable to do your budget very well and save well or make sure you bring some surplus in case you need it.

We recommend that you always have some local currency with you for tips or purchases in stores, as it is sometimes cheaper. Also, carry cards to avoid the risk of walking with a lot of cash in your pocket.

  • Emergency measures

Take into account emergency measures, such as: keep the numbers of the police, hospitals, embassy and watchdogs at your destination (also include the numbers of the place of your accommodation and your travel guides in the case at any time you detach yourself from the group ).

Remember to pay for travel insurance, as it can save you a lot of costs. In fact, in most cases, it is mandatory.

  • Suitcase

Carry in your suitcase/backpack light clothes and according to the climate of your destination. It never hurts to wear warm, waterproof, and basic garments such as t-shirts, shorts and jeans.

Remember to pack sunscreen, mosquito repellent, glasses, a cap or hat with a large brim, and a first aid kit with alcohol, gauze and basic medications or whatever you require in your specific case.

Finally, if you do not have time to organize your trip and travel alone, but travel your destination accompanied, you can join a trip organized by our agency, with unique routes, expert guides and people who, like you, are looking for an unforgettable itinerary.


If you follow these tips for solo travellers, it will be easier for you to plan and execute your trip so that the experience is fully lived.

Remember to choose in advance the destination, the date of travel, the route, the means to get there, the closest accommodation to your places of interest, or you could choose to live the trip already organized by an agency that will help you with everything.

Try to learn about the destination, follow the emergency recommendations, bring the documents with their respective copies, pack wisely, take the cell phone ready to use with apps, and always check the budget.